Give Your Small Bathroom a Rustic Look on a Budget

August 01, 2021 4 min read

Give Your Small Bathroom a Rustic Look on a Budget

The bathroom is an important space in our home. You can achieve this look on a budget with our rustic decor ideas for a small bathroom.

We tend to spend most of our ‘decor budget’ on our living and sleeping spaces, to find that only a little amount is left for the bathroom space. Though we may not spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, they are important spaces. Early morning, right out of bed we walk into the bathroom and get ready for the day. And, at the end of the day (pun intended) we do spend a lot of our time in there. With it being the first room that we enter in the morning, and the last one we leave before bed, we should be paying more attention to the decor of the bathroom. So, why not give it the makeover it deserves? And one particular style that is causing a lot of excitement in the decor world is Rustic design. The rustic design contrasts with the sleek and shiny bathrooms that were popular in the last decade. The rustic design, on the other hand, focuses on more earthy and natural elements. And the rustic decor is getting very popular, perhaps many homeowners are finding it appropriate to use natural items to accentuate where they attend the nature’s call!

This article will discuss some ideas to decorate a small bathroom on a budget and give it a rustic feel!

Got Stuff? Organize!

With many accessories to be stored in the bathroom from extra towels to extra supplies, your bathrooms need a storage solution. Woven Wicker baskets are the best way to give your toilet some rustic texture. Look for one with a liner to give a more sophisticated look. The Wicker texture gives a rustic feel while the liner provides a cushion to your products. With these baskets, you get storage convenience and aesthetic decor. Alternatively, you can also use Woven Wicker Storage Baskets with Wheels to make things easier for you to move around.


Just because the laundry is not clean, doesn't necessarily mean it can't look cute. Additionally, you can choose a woven solution for laundry as well. With baskets of different sizes placed in the corner, laundry turns into a rustic basket display. And good storage is essential, especially in small bathrooms. Extra tip: Mix and Match patterns such as Belly Basket and Nesting Basket to separate the laundry.


A cluttered counter takes the eye away from the Rustic aesthetics you are going for. Create a sophisticated counter with Storage Container Baskets with Liners to hold small bottled products and bathroom knick-knacks. You can choose from a set of one, three or four. These are best placed around the washbasin or inside a drawer cabinet.

Go Vertical

A small bathroom may seem like a limited space to decorate, but a great decor hack is using the walls to add to the rustic feel and incorporate plants and give more color. Use the Storage Wall-hanging Trayover the counter and display your products as part of the theme. This will save you some space on the counter, and you will make the most of your vertical space. Also, Wicker Wall Hanging Storage Basket is the best way to add greenery while staying in tune with the Rustic vibe. Pro Tip: Play around with various shaped baskets as per your room depth. You can use these baskets to organize your towels, toothbrushes, toilet papers and other supplies.


Light Up Your Rustic Decor

After you are done with the organization of your things, you will need to shift your focus to the lighting. With all your beautiful pieces in place, you also need to shine some light on your new rustic bathroom. Use a Bamboo lampshade to tie the lighting to the overall rustic theme of your small bathroom. This is a pendant-style lamp and will look more appropriate for a rustic theme.


If you want to add a tropical touch to your bathroom, add some Natural coconut candle holders.Alternatively, you can use these birdcage-shaped hanging coconut candle holders as well. Small spaces have limited light and adding lamps and candles help make the space seem bigger. We recommend that you incorporate hanging lights in the corner ceiling to get a complete look.

Bring It All Together

After you set up your rustic bathroom with the right storage items, organizers, and the perfect lighting, you need to explore if you can add something to the floor as well. If you have a hanging basin, then you can use this Semi Circle Woven Indoor Mat on the floor. It is always pleasant to have your feet on a dry mat when you wash your hands or brush your teeth. In addition to this, if you are going all out you should not shy away from painting your bathroom as well. Look for earth colors and a textured pattern to provide the perfect backdrop for your rustic decor.


If you are looking to design a bathroom layout that is both warm and stylish, look into various modern farmhouse bathroom decor ideas. Think of the modern farmhouse design as a way to add the best of both worlds to your space.

You can find the modern farmhouse bathroom décor and accessories you need for your space at MadeTerra.

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