Spook Up Your Home with Unique Handcrafted Candle Holders for Halloween!

August 01, 2021 4 min read

Spook Up Your Home with Unique Handcrafted Candle Holders for Halloween!

Looking for spooky ideas to decorate your home? How about unique candle holders for Halloween?

If you want to create a dark ambience, while also making sure that there is enough light to see around, candles can be a great idea. The thing we love about candles is that they are super easy to set up. They do not need wiring and switching as the electrical lights do. They can also give off an old mysterious vibe, akin to a castle of a dungeon. You can easily find Halloween themed candles and candle holders on the market, and they will not cost you a fortune. All you need is some imagination, and you can transform your comfortable inviting home into a spooky realm that can raise the hairs of whosoever dwells in them. Isn’t that exciting? Did we mention that your home will be left smelling amazing?

Give Your Candles a Home

When we think of candles, we need to think of candle holders as well. Quite often people forget that it is unsafe to use a candle without a holder, and we do not advise that you make things scary for real! Also, a good candle holder can enhance the feel of the whole decor.

To make this Halloween special, we suggest these best candle holders that are not only eco-friendly but sustainably sourced as well. Read through the blog and check out the products for yourself. And as you browse, you may get some amazing ideas about how you can combine these candle holders to decorate your Halloween haunted house.


Lighting, like any other kind of decor, is best achieved if it is done in layers. You will need something to be a central light, then you will have smaller lights in the corners, and finally, you will need matching lights on the outside as well. Curating your lights in this way will help you blend all your effort together to create a singular experience that will be interesting.

Get Started with the First Lights

Woven Seagrass Wicker Candle Holder With Glass Cup is made of seagrass and glass, it is ideal for lending a rustic touch to any space. A few of these seagrass candle holders, with white wick candles inside them, placed next to each other can be your central light. The candle holders are handmade. This amazing piece adds an elegant element to both classic and contemporary settings. It offers a lovely rustic touch to your Halloween decorations. The candle holder and the shadows cast by the interlaced gaps will appear like they are straight out of antiquity.


The seagrass wicker candle holder can hold one small candle, and you can easily place this holder in a corner, or on the steps of your stairs as well. Remember, in order to create a cohesive environment, you will need a few of these.

Mix & Match

Mix your lamps placements with a unique candle holder. This birdcage shaped candle holder is made from actual coconut shells. Vietnamese artists handcraft the coconut candle lantern from natural coconut shells with exceptional craftsmanship. We think this is perfect for Halloween as it also gives a bone-like vibe when the lights are turned low. The coconut shells are smooth and well-polished, and intricate details are carved into the shells. Under flickering candlelight, these detail patterns are projected on the floor, and it looks very interesting. The coconut shells are sturdy and will last a lifetime if you use them carefully. You can also use them for other things, like potting herbs, storing little items after you are done with Halloween. You can place the holder safely on your coffee table, your windowsill or the corners of your room to create a second layer of lights.


Lights For The Outside

If you are looking for something you can place outdoors, Wicker Candle Holder Lantern with Handle for Patio and Garden is the right option for you. This versatile item is handwoven as well. There is a steel frame that supports the material, so it is really durable. The handle on the lantern will remind you of the old lanterns you see in period dramas nowadays. You can put it on the porch. They will look amazing hanging on either side of your front door if find something to hang them on.

Just as with the Wicker candle holder, you can get the Coconut candle holder lantern with handles as well. These hanging candle holders come with long ropes. You can hang it from the ceiling over your dining table, and it would project beautiful patterns around the room.


While you are looking at unique and earthy candle holder designs, check our favorite Bamboo Candle Holder Lantern with Handle and Glass Cup insert. The bamboo has been intricately woven, and through the gaps, you get a beautiful matrix of yellow candlelight. Place this pair on the entrance, or on the foot of your stairs.

Add Items To Complement Your Lights

For a cohesive look, we recommend that you curate a mix of these earthy Halloween candle holders. In order to create that perfect feel for your family members and guests, you can also place aCoconut Bowlto store the candies and hand them off to little guests at your doorsteps.


These unique and earthy decor products are sure to wow the trick-or-treaters this Halloween. We are sure, after you unleash your creativity and decorate your home, your Halloween night is going to be unforgettable, and your home is going to stand out. You can even involve the kids in your Halloween home decoration project, and let them play around with these eco-friendly and sustainable products.

You can find more home decor products you need for your space at MadeTerra.

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