Will Country Style Decor Go Out Of Style?

November 26, 2020 3 min read

Will Country Style Decor Go Out Of Style?

Many trends come and go but some styles stick around for the long haul. Rustic, country style decor is one of those trends that is here to stay. But what makes it so resilient?

Well, with farmhouse style decor it is all about history. The aesthetic has been around for a long time. Some elements such as warm stone accents or weathered wooden beams date back hundreds of years to when they were used more out of necessity than as a fashion statement. It is that authenticity that makes the country style interior so timeless.

Homely Kitchens

It can be easy to feel really overwhelmed in a country style kitchen when pine wood beams and kitchen cabinets all start to blend into each other. This is why, with a farmhouse style kitchen, less is definitely more. Rustic table decor is a simple way to add a hint of the aesthetic without spending money on expensive renovations. Old jars decorated with snips of taupe twine make great homemade vases for wildflowers, or even faux ones, if you want to bring a touch of nature into your kitchen.

a homely kitchen

While a quick table accessory can work wonders when it comes to reviving your space, replacing surrounding accents can change the vibe of the entire room. You can update your walls with a mirror you might already have hanging. To make it more rustic, consider adding a weather wooden frame to your mirror or painting it to achieve that distressed look. If you would rather not have tired looking wood in your space, paint it a brilliant white instead for an instantly brighter look.

wall hanging macrame mirror

Next Level Dining Rooms

While china cabinets may not be the most modern storage solution, they are definitely classic pieces that will never really go out of style. To find the perfect china cabinet for your farmhouse style home, go for a classic white cabinet or one in a rich wood for that desired timeless look.

If you already have a cabinet you think may do the job, breathe new life into it by adding new accent pieces and changing the hardware on the cabinet. Your storage can match your rustic table decor too. Functional decorative pieces are a must if you have a smaller space to work with, but if you don’t have space for a cabinet, select a few baskets with wheels to make a different sort of storage statement.

handwoven placemats

Cosy Bedrooms

A lot of rustic farmhouse pieces are often vintage so you know that they have likely been handcrafted and will last for many more years to come. Many older pieces are made of more durable natural wood rather than modern, synthetic alternatives. When it comes to your bedroom, consider a vintage piece of wood in the style of a ceiling fan and use it as your headboard to create a rustic, country vibe and definitively bold statement.

folding bamboo fans boho decor wall art

What’s Trending?

If you love the country style decor but still want to incorporate a trend, opt for natural looking accents that will work well in your home for years to come. These elements can include dark wood, white and matte black accessories, glassware and copper for a classic look while adding warmth to your space.

woven storage basket box

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