Enhance Your Christmas Dinner Table With Eco-Friendly Charger Plates

November 24, 2020 2 min read

Enhance Your Christmas Dinner Table With Eco-Friendly Charger Plates

A super simple way to enhance your dinner table this Christmas, a charger plate can be the decorative plate base you never knew you needed.

What Is A Charger Plate?

Charger plates go under your food dish and are often around 11-15 inches across. Primarily a decorative addition to any table, chargers are available in lots of different materials, from metal to porcelain so there’ll always be a perfect plate for your home. Simply put your charger plates on top of your placemats and set the table as normal, leaving plenty of space for cutlery and glassware. Remember to remove the charger plates after the main course as they should not be used with dessert plates under typical table etiquette rules.

hand woven charger plates

Alternative Uses

You could also use a charger plate as a serving tray for appetizers but always ensure there is a cloth between the food and the plate, as not all chargers are food safe. Another great way to use charger plates is as a base for a floral centrepiece. You may even want to use them as a base for a candle display on your table.

wicker placemats for Christmas

Eco-Friendly Charger Plates

Opting for a woven charger plate gives you a handmade product instead of something manufactured in a factory and this in itself is more eco-friendly. Some of the most sustainable options include plates made from rattan or mother of pearl and these can work really well with other eco-friendly products such as wooden bowls and wicker serving baskets.

Choosing Your Chargers

Make sure your charger plates will work for the occasion you are hosting. They should always complement, rather than contrast, with the table setting. For your Christmas table, white charger plates are very effective and they can be reused during the year making them a cost-effective option too. If you’d rather have something definitively festive, invest in plates with a tartan print, a festive scene, elaborate gold or a rich red. Our woven charger plates can help in creating a warm, rustic vibe around your Christmas table this year, while our mother of pearl plates add an air of elegance to any room.

Christmas placemat set 4

If you want to live a greener life, our natural selection of charger plates is the way to go this festive season. Handcrafted with an eco-friendly heart, you can rest assured that every one of our products is stylish and durable. Our products are made in Vietnam and help the local community while encouraging everyone to live a more sustainable life.

handwoven oval charger plates for Christmas

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