How to Set a Romantic Table for Two?

August 01, 2021 4 min read

How to Set a Romantic Table for Two?

Here is an idea to show some love to your partner, set a romantic table for two.

This cozy and lovely project can be achieved quickly, and your partner will be immensely impressed. This article will discuss how you can choose unique table decor and create a memorable romantic setting for a couple.

Setting a romantic table for two does not have to be difficult. The first thing you need to know is that you will have to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can achieve this by paying attention to what goes on the table. Let’s dive right in and break down the romantic table set up!

The Foundation

Unless you have a fantastic table that does not need a cloth, the base layer of the romantic table setting is going to be a clean light-colored tablecloth. An alternative to a tablecloth is a table runner. Table runners cover only part of the table, and by placing these table runners, you can create a more intimate feeling by having them run only from one person to another. If you like darker table runners, then check this Bamboo Table Runner. However, do not use both table runners and a cloth.


Placement Mats

Now, you will need to think of the table mats and the plates. When you make these choices, you will have to be mindful that all the things that you place on the table work together to create a romantic theme.

Let’s look at the table placemats.Leaf-Shaped Fabric Placematscome in a set of four. You can use them to place the food bowls. These placemats are made by Vietnamese artisans using seagrass that is sustainably sourced. These mats are heat resistant as well. These unique placemats will surely add character and a touch of rustic beauty to your table.

Round seagrass placemats will gel well with your table runners and leaf-shaped placemats. These come in a set of four, but you will be using two for the occasion. These mats are 13 inches in diameter, so you don’t have to worry about the plates not fitting on them. Most dinner plates are 11 to 12 inches.


If you are setting a round table, then we advise you to use Seagrass oval placemats. Oval placemats. Because of their curved contours, they are ideal for circular tables. With rectangular tables, you can either use round or rectangular placemats.

Bring Out The Plates

On top of the placemats, you will set the charger plates. Mother Of Pearl Inlay Charger Plates come in a set of two. Round placemats complement a charger plate well. They're the ideal way to add a splash of color to a table without going overboard. This mother of pearl inlay wood charger plate is more than just a wooden charger plate, it is the special decorative piece for your special romantic dinner. You can choose from four different patterns. You can use wood serving plates or traditional China plates on them. Place a clear glass for water and a wine glass next to each plate if alcohol is being offered.


Apart from the main dinner plate, it is advisable to place some side plates as well. These side plates can be for cake, a soup bowl, or a small plate of salads. You can opt for Round Wicker Charger Set to place under these side plates. These under plates are great for placing napkins as well. You can also use them to place some beverages if you are serving them.

Serving Sets

After you are done with the basics, you need to make more utensil choices. To hold some salad, choose the Coconut Bowls & Wooden Spoon Set. This set of Coconut bowls has no synthetic materials and is completely plastic-free. You can use these bowls to serve ice cream or any other dessert as well.

To hold other items, like bread or even a small plate of fruits, you will need a fruit basket for the dining table. Round Wicker Serving Trays are perfect for serving or being placed as tabletop displays that hold other decorative items. Again, as with the placemats, choose the right basket for your table type. If your table is rectangular, then you can use a rectangularServing Bread & Fruit Basket.


Decorate To Tie It All Together

Finally, you will need some other decorative items to accentuate the whole environment. Think of items you can place around the room as well. Candles and flowers can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. To create a low-light romantic mood, place candles in these unique handmade coconut candleholders on the table. It is best if the decorative items match your dinnerware. If you are serving wine after dinner, we also recommend that you get yourself a Wood Wine Rack Stand.


These different items will work together to create the perfect romantic table setting for two. Carefully choosing these eco-friendly products will bring everything together, especially you two.
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