Coconut Bird Nest Cage w Ladder & Mat | Hanging Breeding Nest for Bird

  • Materials: Coconut Shells, Wood, Coconut fiber

    Looking for Natural, Safe and Hand Crafted House and Toys for your Pet Birds or Small Animals?

    Pets, like human, are sensitive. Parrot, parakeet, pigeon, song bird, squirrel, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, degus, other pet birds and small animals can get bored if they're not engaged regularly. Bored pets become depressed, resulting in aggression or health problems, even engage in self-destructive behavior.

    Keeping such intelligent creatures constantly occupied seems like an almost impossible task, particularly when you're out of the house.

    This coconut hanging cage house and toy set keeps your little friends occupied. The coconut husk and rough rope ladder will encourage them to climb and enjoy a little rugged physical play, thus provides positive mental stimulation to and eliminate boredom from your˜ pets

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The Makers

The Makers

This product is masterfully hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Kim Son region – the base of sedge and seagrass craftsmanship of Vietnam for the past 200 years - nestled 110 kilometers outside of Hanoi capital city. The Kim Son region now harbors 20 villages with more than 800 artisans involved in the realm of wicker craft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
patricia connolly
Good size, well made, durable

Used this product for our love bird Tilly. She loves it. Its a little bit bigger than i was expecting but she s happy with it. Very durable

Kim Dunnell
Budgie home

My baby budgie loves this

Dave Coachman
It's simply great nest for any small pet!

It's a very nice coconut nest! Being a simple coconut, but it's just great, fitted with those little stairs and can easily be hanged anywhere! My bird is eating her treats in there! Will be great for rodents too! Highly recommend!

Excellent item to get the budgies doing the natural nesting role play

Really good for budgies as it gives them a spot to interact. Our budgies have loved the rope as it gives them something to play with and also practice nesting. We have found them hanging on the ladder a few times. This is better than the plain coconut nest as with the rope and nesting insert it gives them something to do. Also we have seen the male and female roles of feeding the female whilst she is in the nest.
Would recommend this to anyone with budgies that need something new and also give them something to do outside the cage. Make sure it is hung somewhere they can fly in and out of easily.

Good quality!

Good quality. Feels sturdy and My parakeets love it.! Definitely meant for larger cages. Would take up too much space in a small cage.

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