Pet House Tunnel Hutch | Pet-safe Woven Hut for Rabbits, Chinchilla and Small Animals

    1. Measurements:9" Inch x 6.3" Inch x 8.3" Inch
    2. Materials: Seagrass
    • 100% HAND WOVEN: Our grass tube hutch is sturdy and spacious. Bunny, rabbit, chinchilla, hedgehog, hamsters and small animal pets loves climbing on it, running through it and chewing on it. The pet houses are made without nails or staples, it's safe to your precious furry friend
    • PROTECT PAWS FROM WIRE CAGES: Place the grass house in your pets cage to protect their paws from wire cage bottoms as they crawl around inside.
    • SAFE TO CHEW AND GREAT FOR TEETH: Rodents and rabbits have teeth that are constantly growing, so it's vital you give your pet a variety of bunny chewing toys to prevent dental problems. While brightly-colored plastic toys may look appealing, they're often dyed with toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your pet. For your peace of mind and your pet's health, our woven pet huts are made of only natural, edible, 100% organic safe materials
    • HOURS OF FUN: Tunnel is also an activity center in the pets ecosystem terrarium, where to satisfying your pet's natural instinct to burrow, explore and nest, and providing hours of fun playtime. The playtime possibilities are endless with Made Terra pet tunnel hutch.
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The Makers

The Makers

This product is masterfully hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Kim Son region – the base of sedge and seagrass craftsmanship of Vietnam for the past 200 years - nestled 110 kilometers outside of Hanoi capital city. The Kim Son region now harbors 20 villages with more than 800 artisans involved in the realm of wicker craft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Debra Ellis
Provides the perfect hide-hole for bunny when he's in his big cage!

Bunny loves it, maybe too much as he is slowly chewing it up!

Jane Ramsey

Bunny loved it.

The wild bunny appreciated it!

We bought this for a little cottontail bunny who was living in our flowerbed poolside in the backyard. I felt bad for the little critter out in the rain and he seemed to enjoy his hutch along with bunny kibbles and fresh water. It's a cute little hutch and looks nice in the flower bed.

Sarah K.
bunnies love it!!!

My bunnies totally destroyed this in a few hours but they were jumping with joy!!
They loved it!
Highly recommend.
Will buy this again

Min L
My bunny loves it.

A few months back two wild bunnies came into my yard and ate my most beloved potato plants. but since they let me pet them i have forgiven them and now buy them toys in exchange for loves. One bunny disappeared but one is still here. Lonely lil bunny fufu loves this wicker tunnel very much. He chews it and seems most content. I have not seen him go through the tunnel yet but he is rather tubby and probably cant fit through it without a fear of being stuck. Though i dont think he would get stuck, I can see why he would be pensive. but he does tentatively nudge it and snuffle it. so at least it keeps him occupied. I have since purchased a few more grass woven type toys for bunnies and will possibly be buying a book on bunny depression remedies because Im like 99% sure fufu's sibling bunny companion died or ran off forever. I dont know. I cant find the lil fella.

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